Top 7 sách dạy đọc IELTS reading hay và bán chạy nhất hiện nay

Nếu bạn đang ôn luyện thi IELTS và muốn tìm giáo trình, tài liệu hướng dẫn phương pháp học kỹ năng thì đây là 7 sách dạy đọc IELTS reading hay nhất hiện nay.


Collins - Get Ready For IELTS - Reading

Collins - Get Ready For IELTS - Reading - Top 7 sách dạy đọc IELTS reading hay và bán chạy nhất hiện nay

Who is this book for?

Get Ready for IELTS Reading has been written for learners with a band score of 3 or 4 who want to achieve a higher score. Using this book will help you improve your pre-intermediate reading skills for the IELTS Academic Reading test.

You can use Get Ready for IELTS Reading:

- As a self-study course. We recommend that you work systematically through the 12 units in order to benefit from its progressive structure.

- As a supplementary reading skills course for IELTS preparation classes. The book provides enough material for approximately 50 hours of classroom activity.

Get ready for IELTS Reading

- This book consists of 12 units. Each unit focuses on different topic, and these topics are ones that often appear in the IELTS test.

- After every three units, there is a Review which helps you to revise the language and skills covered in the previous units.

- At the end of the book, the Practice test gives you the opportunity to take an IELTS-style test under test conditions.

- There is also a full Answer key at the back of the book so you can check your answers. Here you will find possible answers for more open-ended questions and suggested answers for the exam practice questions in Part 3 of each unit.

- The Glossary at the back of the book lists the useful words and phrases with their definitions.


IELTS - Reading Strategies For The IELTS Test

IELTS - Reading Strategies For The IELTS Test - Top 7 sách dạy đọc IELTS reading hay và bán chạy nhất hiện nay

Giáo trình này tổng cộng có hơn 80 bài đọc, sau khi phân tích tỉ mỉ các đề thi IELTS, tác giả chia các bài đọc này thành 7 phần theo các dạng đề luyện đọc: Matching the Headings (lắp ghép tiêu đề và bản văn), Cloze (Điền ô trống), Multipe Choice (Chọn lựa nhiều mục), Summarizing (Tóm tắt), YES/NO/NOT GIVEN (Đúng, sai, không đề cập), Scanning for Answers (tìm nhanh đáp án) và Intergrated Exercises (Bài tập tổng hợp). Mặc dù người đọc không cần phải theo thứ tự này, nhưng dạng đề của phần bài tập tổng hợp đa dạng hơn, do đó hãy làm quen với các dạng đề thi trước rồi làm phần này sau.

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Phần bài thi mẫu trong cuốn sách này tổng cộng có 6 đề. Theo các thí sinh đã từng làm các đề thi này và tham dự kỳ thi IELTS, các đề này khó hơn và dài hơn đề thi thực tế một chút, nhưng dạng đề không có sự khác biệt. Đây cũng là chủ ý của tác giả khi biên soạn các đề thi này. Người đọc có thể làm các đề này theo yêu cầu thực tiễn ở từng giai đoạn để quan sát sự tiến bộ và xác định những khó khăn của mình.


Collins - Reading For IELTS

Collins - Reading For IELTS - Top 7 sách dạy đọc IELTS reading hay và bán chạy nhất hiện nay


Who is this book for?

Speaking for IETLS will prepare you for the IELTS Speaking test whether you are taking the test for the test for the first time, or resitting the test. It has been written for learners of band scores of 5-5.5 who are trying to achieve a band score of 6 or higher.

The structured approach, comprehensive answer key and sample answers have been designed so that you can use the materials to study on your own. However, the book can also be used as a supplementary speaking skills course for IELTS preparation classes. The book provides enough materials for approximately 50 hours of classroom activity.


Reading for IELTS is divided into 12 units. Each unit focuses on a topic area that you are likely to meet in the IELTS exam. This helps you to build up a bank of vocabulary and ideas related to a variety of the topics. As in the IELTS test, the texts are taken from authentic sources. These may contain narratives, logical arguments, descriptions or discussions. Some of texts contain visuals.

Unit 1-11 cover the types of question that you will see in the IELTS test. Each unit focuses on a particular type of question, for example, matching question, short-answer questions, completion questions, multiple-choice questions, questions asking you to identify information or identify writers' views or claims.

The exercises in the unit are relevant to the test. The aims listed at the start of each unit specify the key skills, techniques and language covered in the unit. You work towards Unit 12, which provides a final practice IELTS Reading test.

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Additionally, the book provides examination strategies telling you what to expect and how best to succeed in the test. Exam information is presented in clear, easy-to-read chunks. "Exam tips" in each unit highlight essential exam techniques and can be rapidly reviewed at a glance.


Basic IELTS Reading

Basic IELTS Reading - Top 7 sách dạy đọc IELTS reading hay và bán chạy nhất hiện nay

Basic IELTS Reading certainly meets the need of candidates who will sit the Academic Module, but General Training Module candidates can also find it very useful.

On completion of Basic IELTS Reading, you will be able to

-  Do typical tasks in the IELTS Reading test,

-  Apply useful tips and techniques in answering questions of the IELTS Reading test,

-  Be well prepared for gaining a higher score in your actual exam, and

-  Achieve your desired band score in the near future

Hopefully, you will find Basic IELTS Reading truly helpful and rewarding, and you can eventually achieve your desired goal.


Practical IELTS Strategies - IELTS Reading

Practical IELTS Strategies - IELTS Reading - Top 7 sách dạy đọc IELTS reading hay và bán chạy nhất hiện nay

This Practical IELTS Strategies book is above all (as the name sugguests) practical and strategic, giving a clear and achievable framework to maximising your score in the IELTS Reading Test.

This book has:

- 20 solid tips, each developed and built on the previous one, supported by analysis and discussion where possible.

- Over 40 exercises with answers, also analysed and discussed.

- A final summary and demonstration of all the tips in action.

- Extensive answer section anf appendices, with analysis and discussion.


Lessons For IELTS - Reading

Lessons For IELTS - Reading - Top 7 sách dạy đọc IELTS reading hay và bán chạy nhất hiện nay

This book covers the following points:

Reading Topics and Styles

Topics which are often seen in the IELTS Reading test

- Technology, the environment, psychology, human biology, science, history, sport, medicine, the media, advertising

Common styles of IELTS Reading passages

- Narrative, description, and argument styles. Articles are written in newspaper, journal, and/or magazine style and are mostly at a level for an educated, general audience.


Exercises to help you to recognize and learn useful vocabulary for reading texts; strategies for dealing with unknown vocabulary in reading texts.

Strategies and Practice for Answering the IELTS Reading Questions Types

All of the IELTS reading question types are covered in this book. The book provides:

- Practice exercises for each question type.

- Helpful hints for approaching each question type

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Practice Activities for Reading Quickly to Understand the Main Idea

This is a KEY skill for success in the IELTS Reading test. Each unit provides activities to help you to understand the main ideas BEFORE you begin the IELTS – style reading questions.

Practice Units

Units 5, 10, 15 and 20 in this book are practice units. In these units, you will practice reading and answering questions.

There are two reading passages in each Practice Unit and each passage has about 25 questions. In the real IELTS test, there are three reading passages and each one has about 15 questions. The total number of questions in a real IELTS test is 40.

Extensions Activities

These activities are designed to provide further vocabulary practice or to help you to understand the organization of the passage more clearly.

We hope you will enjoy using this book and that you will learn useful language and skills to help you to pass the IETLS Reading test.


Essential Reading For IELTS

Essential Reading For IELTS - Top 7 sách dạy đọc IELTS reading hay và bán chạy nhất hiện nay

Essential Reading for IELTS is a comprehensive preparation course for the IELTS Reading Module. It is designed to target a broad range of IELTS test-takers, from the pre-intermediate learners to those who have a higher level of proficiency. Essential Reading for IELTS develops both test-taking skills and language necessary for you to achieve an IELTS Reading score between 5.0 and 6.5.

Main features of Essential Reading for IELTS: Preparation and practice material is organised into three levels: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-intermediate. The book consists of 22 units with 52 lessons. The units in each level are based on topics which frequently appear in the real test. There are 3 sections in every lesson:

Warm-up: This section often takes the form of a discussion question, an interesting proverb, or an anecdote to introduce contexts and motivate the learners.

Skill Focus: Essential reading skills, especially those specific to the IELTS test, are introduced through this section.

Main Reading Text: This section provides targeted practice exercises so that you can apply what you have learned in the previous section and develop the test-taking and language skills in focus. These exercises are very similar to real-test items in terms of question types and the level of difficulty.

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